Media Production

Busy professionals and startups need cost effective solutions that will help achieve the presence they need to make an impact on their desired audience. Phillip King Media Production partners with experienced professionals in platforms such as the web, video, podcasting, social media, and digital marketing to expand and further enhance their clients’ visibility.

End to End Solutions for Your Online Presence

As a freelance contractor, I rely on these vendors exclusively to provide clients with easy to use solutions that will meet their initial and growing online needs:

SiteGround for hosting:

WordPress as your CMS platform:

The Divi theme from Elegant Themes for front end design:

WooCommerce if you want to sell or conduct transactions online (and plays well with Divi, too):

Add the Jetpack CRM in conjunction with WooCommerce and WordPress if you want to manage your customer transactions and interactions:

Video Production Included!

Your online presence insn’t complete without video content to enhance your profile or sell your products and services. Whether you want to self produce or need assistance, describe your needs and I will point you in the right direction. 

Musical Performance Specialist

As an educated and experienced musical performer, I know what qualities make for a simple but well produced musical event. You will come away with an excellent example of you or your ensemble’s performance that will help to promote your unique artistry!

Event Livestreaming

That same musical performance can be streamed live to your audience via the most popular platforms, while also being recorded for use again and again.

Electronic Press Kits

Combine interviews, performances, lectures, and talks to create a press kit useful in familiarizing future collaborators with the work you do. This living biography makes for a great introduction to new followers as well.

Summarize what these services mean to the client or make mention of some to the tech used to do the work.

Podcasts and more…

Years of experience in audio recording allows me to provide podcasting services for personalities in every field from entertainment to education and eCommerce. Let your voice be heard!

Your Producer…

is a trained musician with experience in graphic design for print and the web, audio recording and video production.
I have decades of experience on the bandstand, in advertising agencies, and as a freelance media developer. I stay abreast of trends innovations in all these fields, and can guide clients toward solutions that best fit their growing needs.

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